Building the power of people

TrueImpact Coaching has been a dream of mine for more than 30 years. While working as an executive, mentor and personal coach in the non-profit world, I discovered that I had an ability to help visualize and realize ambitious goals. Coaching non-profits about how to raise money, manage their operations and develop new leadership led me to realize that people have a tremendous amount of untapped talent and ability. They simply need someone to help them allay their fears, find their focus and support them on their journey. Today, I am doing exactly that, making my passion, my vocation, and partnering with people and organizations who are ready to change for the better.

If you’re looking for something more in your personal and professional life, or facing the prospect of trying something new, join me and we’ll work together all the way to your dreams – and onward. If your organization is facing change, I am the catalyst to develop your people for sustainable and successful growth. Welcome to TrueImpact Coaching. Anna Goldenberg


Find the truth that will change your life and empower your organization. We’ll give you the tools to reach your own goals, even those you never thought possible.


Move people to positive action. At TrueImpact Coaching, our mission is to make your mission reasonate with every stakeholder.


Learn to lead. Your way. Leaders aren’t born, they’re developed. Here, we’ll teach you how to lead using your own unique talents and skills.


Teamwork is everything. Teamwork is the core of every great organization. We’ll give you the tools to ensure your teams are communcating effectively & working productively.


Fresh insights bring new perspectives. Anna will engage, educate and energize your organization to embrace change and pursue new possibilities.
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