If you are still going strong with your resolution, congratulations, and good for you!
For many, however, as we enter the third week, our enthusiasm starts to wane, “things” get in the way, and we start to slow down or veer off track.
But no worries. It’s not too late to get back on course with these seven easy tips.
1 Think positive. Make sure that this change is something that you really want to make, not what you think you should do or others want. We internally process desired change and “should” change in completely different ways.  Desired change is positive, should change is negative. Positive opens us to growth, negative sends us into the protective or “huddle” mode.  So, don’t “should” all over yourself.  Change that we truly desire, is change that is meaningful to us, we own it and control it. Own your change and stay positive.
2 What’s success going to look like? How will you know you’ve reached your goal? If you define your success, you can measure it.  Quantifiable goals are easier, but you can evaluate qualitative goals.  Take the time to articulate what it’s going to feel like or what’s going to be happening when you reach your goal.
3 What’s the big picture? Here’s where so many of us trip up. We want to make change, we resolve to do it, but we don’t think about how this change may affect other areas of our life.  Is this change really right for you? Does it fit into what you truly envision your life to be like? If it doesn’t, you will want to modify it or try something different.
4 Take small steps! Change doesn’t happen in giant leaps.  It happens in small, consistent, focused steps. One foot after the other.  Many of us think big picture and try to leap into it. Think of change as a journey. Take steps that you can visualize, that are reasonable and that you can achieve. For example, if you want to exercise more and walking is your thing, plan to walk a few times a week instead of saying “I’ll walk everyday.” It may be that everyday won’t work right away. Make a reasonable goal that will fit into your schedule. You’ll be more apt to do it and feel successful.
5 Follow your plan and don’t sweat the missteps. If you’re not following your plan, you’ve probably been too ambitious.  Keep taking small steps in the direction that’s leading you to change, and if you stumble on the way, just brush yourself off and keep the end in sight. Everyone goes off track. There’s always a bump in the road.  If you hit one, think about what got in your way. Then think about how you can modify your plan to help you reach your goal.
6 Get a cheerleader or two.  You don’t need a crowd to support you, but you do need people who will help you keep going, challenging you to reach your milestones and cheering for you all along the way. One or two people will do – it’s not the amount of support, it’s the quality of it. And remember, you have to be your biggest cheerleader. If you don’t really believe you can do it, you can’t expect others to.
7 Celebrate milestones. Then celebrate again….and again all the way to your goal. Acknowledging your achievement keeps you going, it empowers you, and it keeps the change process positive. And frankly, it’s fun.
So whether you’ve resolved to make a change in your personal life or your career, these hints can help you realize your goal.
The New Year’s resolution – it’s more than a great idea, it’s a great opportunity!
How is your resolution going? Let’s get it back on track for your journey to positive transformation.
Wishing you success. You can do it!
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