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“Anna is a true professional and has been an invaluable resource for our organization. She has much to offer on an individual and organizational level. She has the ability to inspire and coach each person to cultivate the “leader within” using our own innate emotional intelligence and individual strengths to help us reach our greatest potential.”
Karen Fine, President, Ohef Sholom Temple

“Anna is a powerful communicator with a unique ability to help cut through the clutter and zero in on what really matters. When I needed coaching on making messy decisions that were stirring up emotional blocks, Anna’s compassionate yet direct style was invaluable. She helped me prioritize at my pace, with the right balance of space and accountability to keep moving forward no matter what. If you are looking to make changes for the better, I highly recommend working with Anna.”
Vicki Rich, BCC – Executive Coach and Communication Consultant

Anna has been an integral part of my professional transformation process! She has been assisting me from the very first baby steps of my journey ( a mere 6 months ago!!!) and gently guiding me towards the next professional level I am about to embark on. She has helped me to see what I didn’t even know was missing from my thought process, but now that I can see it…everything has begun to come together…almost magically. Thank you so much Anna for everything! You are truly a treasure….”
Karen Webb – Executive, Organizational Training Industry                                                        

“I have known Anna for several years, and recently she and I attended coach training together. I have always found her to be extraordinarily committed to developing herself, and by default others, by throwing herself into learning the craft of coaching from every angle possible. She is continually inspired to read, take courses, attend seminars and network in order to be the most effective coaching professional possible. Indeed, she has succeeded. Anna is a coach that works tirelessly on herself, so she can guide her clients toward discovering their obstacles, illuminating their strengths, celebrating their successes, and ultimately reaching their goals. In addition to be the utmost professional, Anna is also very authentic and down to earth. She is able to maintain a friendly and approachable demeanor, while clearly displaying her knowledge and wisdom as a business professional and executive coach.”
Annette Kane Shine, BCC – Executive Coach, Leadership Trainer

‘Crazy effective’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Anna. I have had the pleasure of working with Anna for two years (so far!) collaborating on developing our coaching skills. I am always in awe of her ability to help clients gain focus and clarity through her caring yet no-nonsense approach. And her “poodle mom” stories are the best! As a coach, Anna earns my highest recommendation.
Mark D. Bowers, PMP, ACC – Executive Coach, Social Sector Consultant

Anna is a thoughtful, kind, proficient coach. She guides one to what it is they want to accomplish while looking deeply into who they are as a person, bringing resonance into their lives. I appreciated the time we spent together defining and refining my goals while taking a look at the “big picture” of what was really important to me. I highly recommend her as a coach. It is obvious that she loves what she does and I was grateful be the recipient of her generosity!
E. O’Shea, ACC – Life Coach

Who you gonna call?? Anna, of course, for all of your business coaching needs! Anna has been instrumental as a business coach while I’m building a second business (http://bootlegbiscuits.com). When I need someone who is going to give me a straight answer, be trust-worthy and work with me in confidence, Anna is the one..the only one! I have been able to break through barriers as a small business and build some successes with insight and conviction due to Anna’s business coaching. I couldn’t start my business without her! If you want someone with not only the experience and leadership, but compassion and insight to guide you on a successful path, please do not hesitate to Anna!
Michelle Donohue, Entrepreneur


Anna is an intelligent, perceptive, flexible, and compassionate professional and human being. We partnered together to deliver leadership training to a diverse group of mid-career leaders. Anna is open-minded and creative about designing and delivering relevant content for her audience, and has exceptional verbal and written communication skills. Her knowledge of individual people and styles, leadership frameworks and content, individual coaching and small group coaching ensured the success of our collaboration AND the overall leadership development program she leads. It was a pleasure to partner with Anna and I highly recommend her to other organizations and professionals for leading and collaborating to deliver relevant, impactful programs to leaders of all kinds.
Erin Owen, MBA – Speaker, Workshop Retreat Leader, Transformational Life Coach for Leaders

I highly recommend Anna Goldenberg of TrueImpact Coaching! Having taken two of her workshops, I can personally attest to her speaking ability, the skill she possesses to both engage and put at ease diverse audiences, and the breadth of her knowledge – whether executive leadership, team building, personal coaching or enhancing organizational communication.   On both occasions, Anna pulled together a program that included a mix of learning, personal introspection and group interaction. In spite of having been involved in Executive Leadership for many years, on both occasions I took away information that was helpful to me and ultimately to the teams with which I work.
Kevin J. Todeschi, MA, Executive Director & CEO, Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E./Atlantic University

Anna did an amazing job with the ATID Leadership for the Future program! I couldn’t have imagined a program with such content and far reaching impact on our community. Our future is bright thanks to the impact this program will have. Please contact me at 757-477-2278.
Linda Spindel, ATID Leadership Committee
The United Jewish Federation of Tidewater
The article about the ATID: Leadership for the Future program entitled “ATID program highlights possibilities for community leaders” can be found HERE.

Recently I had the pleasure to complete a leadership training class led by Anna. Anna has an amazing ability to understand how to place participants together so that they can benefit from both the instructor as well as fellow students. Anna was able to take a diverse group and facilitate forging bonds. Anna was also amazing at choosing speakers.
Todd Waldman, Leadership Program Participant

Anna puts a great deal of effort into cultivating new leaders through thoughtful programming and by providing opportunities for mentorship and personal growth.
Dr. Erica Brown – Author, Leadership Trainer

Anna delivers broad experience in nonprofit leadership development coupled with a determined, passionate understanding of her client’s mission needs and expectations. With grace and good humor, she demands excellence and expertly triggers new insights for the individual and organization alike. Anna Goldenberg will be back with us again!
Cathy Chisholm – Executive Director, JDRF, Hampton Roads

Anna is an amazing presenter and facilitator. She is passionate and knowledgeable about coaching and how coaching principles can help nonprofit staff members grow and the organizations they work for be more successful. Participants left the training with information that they can definitely apply in both professional and personal situations.
Leigh-Anne Cade, MPH
Programs Manager, VOLUNTEER Hampton Roads


Anna provides any non-profit who enlists her services insightful advice, a wealth of experience to draw upon, and excellent people skills. She helped shape and then facilitated our Board of Directors retreat, where we accomplished more than we imagined possible. Every participant felt they had a voice in shaping the future of our organization. I received extremely positive feedback from the board on Anna’s effectiveness and professionalism. I highly recommend Anna to any leader who wants to energize their organization, and I hope to utilize Anna’s skills as we implement initiatives that resulted from our retreat.
Cindy Miller, Ph.D., President, World Affairs Council of Greater Hampton Roads

I would like to endorse Anna Goldenberg, Goldenberg Consulting, as an exceptional strategic plan consultant. Anna spent a considerable amount of time meeting with and researching the goals of the Chas Foundation board, a new non-profit focusing on providing resources for the mentally ill and their families. As secretary of the board, I was highly impressed with her guidance, considerable non-profit experience, intelligence and professionalism. Please contact me at mballard@retail-alliance.com or 757-406-9431 if you need further information.
Margaret Ballard, Secretary,The Chas Foundation

Anna is an excellent consultant for the nonprofit sector, with specific expertise in change management and leadership. She is visionary and excels in developing the most effective strategies and ROI for her clients.
Elizabeth Lloyd, Consultant, Nonprofit Business Development

Anna Goldenberg provided high caliber professional services to VOLUNTEER Hampton Roads as a consultant to us this past year. Her knowledge and acumen of the nonprofit industry and leadership development was profound. We were very impressed by her development of our Funders Forum event which was sold out for the first time ever. Her proposal creation process for leadership development was impressive. We look forward to working with Anna again.
Kate Meechan, Executive Director, VOLUNTEER Hampton Roads

Anna recently led our Board of Directors retreat, and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. From start to finish, we achieved more that I had thought was possible in just a three hour retreat. Her expertise was very beneficial in setting the agenda and facilitating the conversation to make sure that we stayed on track.
Lynn Busby McMullin – President, Junior League of Hampton Roads

Anna is very dedicated to her profession and her community and maintains high professional standards and ethics. She has been a long time fundraiser and has a great deal of knowledge of the field. She is extremely organized and dependable in carrying out projects and excels in interpersonal relations with staff, volunteers and donors.
Harry Graber, President and CEO, The United Jewish Federation of Tidewater

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Anna Goldenberg. She strives to be an innovative leader in the nonprofit sector – bringing passion, knowledge and commitment to her consulting services. She served as a facilitator at VOLUNTEER Hampton Road’s Nonprofit Leadership Conference, and led sessions on Fundraising and Strategic Thinking. She was a very personable instructor whose expert knowledge was evident in the content and delivery of her presentations.
Christie Sumner, Program Director, VOLUNTEER Hampton Roads

We appreciated Anna’s insightful remarks and advice to the participants on the mechanics of Board service. Her comments resonated with so many.
Sarah Jane Kirkland, Director of Alumni Engagement, CIVIC Leadership Institute

Thank you to Anna Goldenberg for sharing her time and talents at Curbside Consulting. The nonprofits that she met with raved about their experiences.
Crystal Waitkus
VOLUNTEER Hampton Roads