Fresh insights bring new perspectives.

Anna will engage, educate and energize your organization to embrace change and pursue new possibilities.


An inspiring speaker and engaging facilitator, Anna is in demand at conferences and forums. Her wit, wisdom and lively presentations inspire and empower. Anna will work with your organization to create just the right presentation or workshop that will resonate with your attendees.

Speaking Topics:

Making a Leadership Culture Shift – Changing for the Positive
Leadership culture is at the very heart of your organization’s success. Anna facilitates a two-hour workshop for leaders who seek to develop the norms by which they will work to positively transform the way their organization does business and achieves success.

What You Say Says a Lot About You – Your Communication Skills Reflect Your Leadership
Clear, powerful communication will enhance personal influence and empower leadership. Anna provides key insights about the ways your audience can build their own leadership power.

How Do You Show Up? Presenting Yourself as the Leader You Want to Be
Leadership presence carries great power. In a day-long workshop Anna shares insights about the qualities of leadership that can be learned, practiced and strengthened to make both new and established leaders more effective and influential. This topic can be broken down into three two-hour workshops.

Creating Your “A” Team
Anna facilitates a workshop for teams leaders seeking new techniques to get the best out of their teams. Participants will learn about the critical components that make high functioning teams, how to structure the right team according to specific project types, and how to communicate effectively and build strong intra-team relationships.

Building Trust – It’s Everything!
Trust is the core around which leaders build successful teams. Anna presents simple ways leaders can create teams where trust is at the heart of everything they do and accomplish.

Powerful Storytelling – Your Organization Depends on It
Anna outlines the verbal and nonverbal elements of compelling storytelling and leads a hands-on workshop that will help fundraisers and organizational leaders work on their own skills to strengthen their power and influence.

Fundraising – It’s the Donor Experience That Counts
Anna’s innovative coaching approach to fundraising solicitation turns traditional training on its head and empowers participants to create true and resonant relationships with potential donors. Anna teaches how to have fundraising conversations where creating stories, active listening and powerful questioning are the real keys to raising funds.

Alice was Right! Alice in Wonderland Knew the Secret to Strategic Planning
“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there,” says Alice.
But it won’t be where you want to go. Anna presents key strategies for successful planning that will help your organization achieve its mission and realize its vision.

Take It Slow – Small Steps to Making Personal Positive Change
Big shifts often take place slowly. Anna educates and empowers your audience to take the small, positive steps to move through transition and create lasting personal transformation.

Connect-working – How to Get the Most Out of Networking Events
Anna presents a lively, interactive workshop for people who want to maximize their connections but dread walking into large networking events (isn’t that just about everybody?). It’s a fun, hour-long workshop with loads of techniques that can immediately be put to use to increase anyone’s network of influence.